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Welcome to the Website of Châtelaine - Martina Rosenberg (formerly Weber)
Here you will find pictures and information for all of the Châtelaine designs which are available in print and/or currently online. We will also, from time to time, include information about projects that are "in the works." Please use the menu to the left to explore our gorgeous designs, join the Châtelaine Support group, visit our Bulletin Board, or send us an email!

We also have some free complimentary designs for your stitching please enjoy your visit!

Bluebell Crystal Lace

Bird Tapestry - Tiny Owl

Bird Tapestry - Bald Eagle

Bird Tapestry - Red Cardinal

Bird Tapestry - Blue Jay

Old World Vinery

Russian Windows

Gardens of London

Mystery XVII

Spice Tile 02

Seaside Sampler Mystery

Sparkling Swan Mandala

Seville Alcazar Garden

Beaded Swan Tile

Embroidered Elegance 4
Hi all,

The newest informations on all things "Châtelaine":

After a short test phase of distributing new "one part"-designs not longer with an own group but through my distributor ECC, I decided that I will continue with the "old" way from now on again. Which means: New designs, be they Mysteries OR Online designs/classes, with 1, 3, 6 or 12 parts - will again be held with their own accompanying Yahoo group. It may be that an occasional new design will be available as a PDF chart through ECC only - this will be announced then clearly and separately.

Payment goes to my Paypal account as mentioned in the Yahoo groups front text, or in my info texts you can get for each design via email from me. If you purchase from my site here, you will be guided to my PP account automatically.

ECC will continue to distribute my PDF files for all already re-published designs (CHAT numbers) as well as the so-called "OLD FILES" , with the files "as they were" in the classes then. You can purchase THESE pdf files ONLY from them. Their guidelines for these transactions will be valid.

Martina Rosenberg (formerly Weber)
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